Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cuomo Was Behind The Organization Of The Eva Moskowitz/Success Charter School Rally

There have been some stories out that it was Governor Cuomo who pushed for the charter school giveaway rally in Albany - those stories are now confirmed in the NY Times:

It was a frigid February day in Albany, and leaders of New York City’s charter school movement were anxious. They had gone to the capital to court lawmakers, but despite a boisterous showing by parents, there seemed to be little clarity about the future of their schools. 

Then, as they were preparing to head home, an intermediary called with a message: Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo wanted to meet. 

To their surprise, Mr. Cuomo offered them 45 minutes of his time, in a private conference room. He told them he shared their concern about Mayor Bill de Blasio’s ambivalence toward charter schools and offered to help, according to a person who attended but did not want to be identified as having compromised the privacy of the meeting. 

In the days that followed, the governor’s interest seemed to intensify. He instructed charter advocates to organize a large rally in Albany, the person said. The advocates delivered, bringing thousands of parents and students, many of them black, Hispanic, and from low-income communities, to the capital in early March, and eclipsing a pivotal rally for Mr. de Blasio taking place at virtually the same time.

The moment proved to be a turning point, laying the groundwork for a deal reached last weekend that gave New York City charter schools some of the most sweeping protections in the nation, including a right to space inside public buildings. And interviews with state and city officials as well as education leaders make it clear that far from being a mere cheerleader, the governor was a potent force at every turn, seizing on missteps by the mayor, a fellow Democrat, and driving legislation from start to finish.

Mr. Cuomo’s office declined on Wednesday to comment on his role.

Two things to say here - I am glad to hear de Blasio's enthusiasm for his "friend", Andy Cuomo is waning these days.

Clearly Cuomo was out to stick it to de Blasio over this issue the whole time.

Second, the UFT didn't fight Cuomo's machinations here at all and is still looking for ways to endorse the anti-traditional public school, anti-union, anti-teacher Andrew Cuomo for governor.

That speaks volumes about the rot that is at the core of the United Federation of Teachers.


  1. cuomo goombah sold his soul to the devil for the root to the evil - money

  2. I thought this was a good piece, and I am glad they are making it clear that Cuomo was behind this all along (as most of us suggested). It is also very telling that the UFT made no attempt to fight this, and honestly has made little attempt to fight for or against anything these days. We are negotiating for our first contract in 5 years. Why isn't the UFT calling for mass mobilization and demonstration around this? Why aren't there calls to support parents who are opting out? Why aren't there calls to pull out of Common Core and APPR?

    1. Why? Because these people are bought and sold.

      Weingrew thinks that the members will be mollified by a (five year late) contract - obtained while stabbing De Blasio in the back - despite the unending concessions (Common Core, APPR, VAM, charters run wild, etc) that he has made.

      Are these people deluded, actually thinking they will organize charter schools? Or is something else allowing them to agree to the public school's and the union's eventual destruction?

  3. Large donations to Cuomo from Charter groups (reportedly over $800K). Think about the hypocrisy of this man who promised to clean up Albany and is the biggest sell-out of any of the dirty politicians in the Capital. PATHETIC.