Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Al Graf Petition Calls For Legislature To Rethink Support For Common Core, MaryEllen Elia

I've already signed this - you should too:

Dear Governor Cuomo & New York State Board of Regents Members:

Recent news articles attributing statements made by the State’s new Education Commissioner Mary Ellen Elia raise serious concerns about her vision and policies regarding the course of education in this state.

It was troubling to read that Commissioner Elia was advocating for a financial punishment for school districts with high percentages of opt-outs. It appears that she believes her role is to continue the detrimental policies of her predecessor and to some extent double down on former Commissioner King’s policies.

New York State has continuously expressed a desire to partner with parents, teachers, and all the stakeholders in supplying a quality education for all of our children.

Commissioner Elia, through her statements has labeled concerned parents, teachers and other stakeholders who have expressed concerns about education in our state as adversaries. Parents attempted to communicate their dissatisfaction with the direction of education through an act of civil disobedience. The high number of opt-outs was meant to send a clear message to Albany.
Instead of digging in and threatening the people that are trying to send a message about policies they believe are harmful to our children, the State Education Department and the Regents should take a step back.

The debate over opposition to the Common Core curriculum is taking place in state after state, as well as on the federal level. It has also become a leading issue in the presidential campaign. Here in New York we have had an overwhelming opt-out movement, and more than 50,000 people actually voted on a Stop Common Core ballot line. It is time for the Regents to re-evaluate the direction they are determined to steer education in this state.

The Regents should further re-evaluate their appointment of Commissioner Elia. This state should not be threatening parents, teachers and other stakeholders involved in the education of our children to bend to the will of the state. The state has to consider the concerns expressed through civil disobedience and re-examine the appropriateness, and the impact that the common core curriculum is having on all our children.


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CC:      Commissioner Mary Ellen Elia

It is time to take back the public education system from the educrats who seek to impose their own agenda on the state's students, parent and teachers no matter the opposition.


  1. Elia and her actions are reminiscent of a scene from the movie, "The Patriot".

    Toward the end of the movie, as the Colonial Army is on the verge of victory, and the British are about to suffer their final defeat, Colonel William Tavington, infamous for his indifference and brutality toward the colonists seethes with anger until finally defeated by Benjamin Martin.

    Ms Elia is today's Tavington...waging a scorched earth policy of warfare against the people of New York. We are all Benjamin Martin's...fighting for our common and universal survival through the policy of opting out of the tyranny that Elia not only supports, but justifies she knows better than students and parents, and professional educators and administrators who have dedicated and devoted their lives to the academic success and well-being of our children.

    As Elia fights with fury and bitterness in her eyes and threats from her mouth, the banners of the opt out movement, not just in New York, but all through our great nation fly high, and will eventually defeat her as well.

    Elia is not only fighting a battle against the people of New York...she is fighting with less support, the threat of "punishments and 3020-A's" against teachers, hurling accusations that her opponents are unreasonable and unethical.

    Ms Elia...the people of New York, from New York City to Buffalo, from Long Island to Syracuse, from Westchester through the Hudson Valley stand united...united against tyranny, your tyranny...and we will not stop until you are defeated, once and for all, from this day forward, in lines and columns so deep that we will eventually and inevitably defeat you...

    Your short time as Commissioner has clearly demonstrated you being in lockstep to the privatization movement. As a supporter of the heinous and savage policies attached to this movement, including Common Core, VAM, standardized high-stakes testing, and your animosity toward our public school systems across the state of New have exposed yourself as an enemy of the people of our state...the enemy of every student, from kindergarten through high school, an enemy of caring and loving parents, an enemy of public schools, their teachers and administrations, an enemy of all of us.

    You will fall, as did the British Dragoon...and we the people, the voices, the faces, the multitude of souls proudly and defiantly carrying the banner of "Opt-Out", will rejoice as you and your policies, your threats, your divisive words, your ineptitude, and your failure to grasp onto the strands of common sense...fade into the history of shame.

    Ms Elia...we are all patriots, and will not give up...will never give up...the health and well-being of our public education system is a cornerstone of our democratic values...we do not fear any of your threats...but are strengthened in unity with each passing day...

    We are the people of New York...we are 20,000,000...we are united as 1...and we will defeat you.

  2. Meet the new boss...Same as the old boss...