Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, August 10, 2015

Scott Stringer Feels Very Safe In Andrew Cuomo's Strong Arms

Love this quote from City Comptroller Scott Stringer, sucking up to Andrew Cuomo:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo over the weekend received some warm words from New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer.

Later today, he will be attending a roundtable discussion with U.S. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries.

Both Stringer and Jeffries just happen to be potential mayoral candidates and rivals to the incumbent, Bill de Blasio.

Stringer on Sunday singled out Cuomo for praise during an event hosted by Sen. Adriano Espaillat.

“Governor, it’s been so good having you in New York City, protecting all of us,” Stringer said.

Oh thank you, Governor, I just feel so safe knowing that you superseded incompetent Mayor de Blasio in the current health crisis facing the city

Just like when you closed the subway for the snowmaggedon that wasn't without telling incompetent Mayor de Blasio and superseded incompetent Mayor de Blasio on the Ebola crisis even though incompetent Mayor de Blasio, you know, was handling it the right way without trying to spew FEAR across the city.

I get it - de Blasio's bleeding in the water, so the sharks are circling.

But Stringer's suck-up to Cuomo is extra nauseating for it's, well, nauseatingness.

Come on, man, can't you suck up to Cuomo without sounding freaking pathetic?

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  1. Let us remember that Scott Stringer is a Bloomberg creation.

    Stringer is a hack politician from waaay back. Folks quickly forget that he started by running for mayor in 2013. He was registering about 5% in the polls. For whatever reason, Bloomberg summoned "Mr Profile In Courage" to a breakfast. The day after the Bloomberg-Stringer summit, Stringer pulled out of the mayor's race and announced that he was running for city comptroller. I don't know what this divine intervention did for Bloomberg but it had a very satisfactory outcome for Stringer. Stringer, like most politicians, is nakedly ambitious and very much wants to be mayor.

    And, yes, of course, let us think about Hakeem Jeffries, who is supported by the hack preacher, Calvin Butts, of Abyssinian Baptist Church, and who also wants to be mayor after four years in the Democratic minority in Congress, which surely must be purgatorial to another ambitious politician. But the good minister Butts has a history that is "interesting." This, from Wikipedia: "Over the years, Butts has built pragmatic relationships across party lines in the city and state, including with former Governor George Pataki, to turn Abyssinian Development Corporation into an economic engine. In 199, George Pataki appointed Butts to two state economic development boards: Empire State Development Corporation, formerly the Urban Development Corporation, and the New York State Science and Technology Foundation. Both boards controlled loans and grants to businesses, increasing Butts' network. In 1997 ADC was a joint partner in receiving a contract to develop a major retail center in Harlem.
    ADC has created $500 million in housing and commercial development in the neighborhood. Butts is also active in the City's charter school sector and was instrumental in bringing ADC to collaborate with the New York City Board of Education and New Visions for Public Schools and establish the Thurgood Marshall Academy for Learning and Social Change."

    Follow the dots, people...NOTHING happens in New York City politics by accident. Before long Eva, herself, will be in the mix.

    I'm very glad that I voted for Eliot Spitzer, an openly compromised politician, in the Democratic primary against Scott Stringer, a quietly compromised and thoroughly Milquetoastian man-for-our-times.