Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Cuomo's Offended By Topless Women In Times Square

That was Governor Cumo today, announcing on NY1  his opposition to topless women in Times Square after Mayor de Blasio had already announced his opposition to the topless women there.

This was another example of Cuomo trying to stick it to de Blasio, since Cuomo got to claim that the topless women - most of whom are painted with the American flag, btw (very patriotic - who could be against the flag?) - are bringing back the "bad old days" in New York.

Now I dunno about you, but I'm old enough to remember the "bad old days" in New York and while I'd rather not have to run a gauntlet of topless women and costumed characters on Broadway trying to get tourists to take photos with them, I gotta say, this is NOTHING like the bad old days in New York.

So it stuck in my craw when I heard this b.s. statement out of Cuomo today, even more so after CuomoWatch retweeted the infamous "Wandering Eyes" photo of the younger Andy.

More hypocrisy from Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Maybe Cuomo is offended by the topless women because he's afraid they will distract from other things?

Yeah, that must be it.


  1. F'in Cheap ass Chico Marx lookalike!

  2. It's raunchy. Especially since they have outdoor seating where people eat.


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