Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Cuomo Gets Christie Treatment, Booed At Billy Joel Concert (Updated With Video)

Andrew Cuomo introduced his pal, Billy Joel, at the last ever concert at Nassau Coliseum tonight.

It didn't go well:

Here's the video of the massive booing:

Maybe Cuomo and Christie can do some joint appearances like they did over Ebola and we can have a massive two state boo fest.

That would be an excellent way for these two disgraces to provide some real public service.


  1. Perhaps they would be received better with the I Am Cait series.

  2. Cuomo gets: 1) his entire wish-list education agenda that has as its final goal the privatization of much of the state's educational infrastructure, 2) to see the dissolution of teachers' unions as a political power in the state, 3) handshake shots with VP Biden, re-affirming his political existence within the powerbase of the party. 4) running a quid pro quo state government that is a servant to corporate interests in return for huge money that will maintain his political viability into the future, 5) NO indictment forthcoming from one of the most massive federal sweeps of a state government ever.

    Cost: being booed at a Billy Joel concert.

    Worth it?: for sure.

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