Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Some Republicans Not Sold On Eva Moskowitz For Mayor

A trial balloon was floated yesterday in the Murdoch Post about Mistress Eva of Success Academies running for mayor on the Republican line, but some cold water was thrown on that dream later in the day:

Rejecting a Manhattan GOP leader’s interest in having Democrat Eva Moskowitz run for mayor as a Republican, Republican chairs said today that they would prefer a registered Republican challenging Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“I’m not a big fan of Wilson-Pakulas,” said Craig Eaton, the chairman of the Brooklyn Republican Party. “I’m hopeful this time around we’ll have registered Republicans running on our line.” Mr. Eaton was referring to a state law that requires the approval of three out of five New York City party chairs for a candidate to run on a party line different than their own.

Ms. Moskowitz, the founder of Success Academy Charter Schools and a top de Blasio critic, has never expressed interest in party-switching or renting the GOP line. The practice drew scrutiny after Malcolm Smith, a former Democratic state senator, was convicted of trying to bribe his way into the 2013 GOP mayoral primary.

Adele Malpass, the chairwoman of the Manhattan Republican Party, wants Ms. Moskowitz to give the Wilson-Pakula more thought. “I would be very excited about Eva running for mayor,” she told the New York Post. “Education is a top priority for the next mayor and Eva is eminently qualified to do that. She’s outstanding.”

Ed Cox, the chairman of the State Republican Party, told the Post Ms. Moskowitz is a “visionary” on education issues, though he didn’t say outright she should run as a Republican.

Staten Island’s Republican chairman, John Antoniello, joined Mr. Eaton in calling for a real Republican to get the nod. “Without a doubt I’d prefer a registered Republican to run,” he told the Observer.

I don't see why Moskowitz, a registered "Democrat" can't switch parties and become a Republican?

Bloomberg did it, why not Eva?

Frankly she's a better fit for the GOP line than the Democratic line.

Her union-busting, anti-public education agenda won't sit well with labor and other traditional Democratic constituencies that put on big GOTV operations in primaries.


  1. Perhaps Cuomo and Moskowitch can both come out as republicans at the next cheater school rally.

  2. She would do well in gulag

  3. Like Scott Walker trying to run for President, Eva will also fizzle out. Guessing that Joel Klein put the NY Post up to suggesting her.

  4. Moskowitz is a visionary and I am starting to have visions myself,

    Abigail Shure

  5. That was a silly trial ballon and the thought that she'd need the Republican ticket is unbelievably silly. That whole money end of the Dems is commanded by the likes of Eva. If she runs, it'd be as a challenger to the nomination. That's the way Koch lost. That's how BDB will be taken out (although not by the Post, and probably not by Eva. I'm thinking the bankers would need someone from the populist wing of the party to defect in order to split that vote).

  6. People have a lot of dirt on her. A lot. And people talk.