Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, August 24, 2015

American Public Rejects Evaluating Teachers Based On Test Scores

The PDK/Gallup poll has a decent majority opposing teacher evaluations tied to test scores - it's 55%-45% opposed.

But when you look at how public school parents responded - 63% opposed, 37% in favor - it's almost 2-1 in opposition.

One of the core guiding principles of corporate education reform - that teachers should be evaluated based upon test scores (what Governor Andrew M. Cuomo likes to call "scientific, objective evaluation") is not very popular with the segment of the American public that is most affected by that tenets - parents of public school children.

It's interesting how the more Americans get to see education reform in action - Common Core, testing, teacher evals tied to tests - the less they like it and it's even more interesting to see how the more public school parents see it in action, the more they oppose it.


  1. All the emphasis on accountability for teachers is rhetorical trick used to distract people from the need for accountability for the owners of things for the destroyers of society.

  2. There have been a bunch of articles on the international scope of the crisis in teaching. Maybe you should say something to that point.

    1. Crisis in teaching.
      There are a bunch of article on the international conspiracy of Global Warming as well. Why doesn't this blog just link to that too.

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