Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, August 7, 2015

Something Truly Terrifying: Chris Christie's Fear-Mongering Over Terrorism

I know many people were focused on the Donald Trump moments from the FOX GOP debate last night, and, given the entertainment value inherent in many of them, I can understand that.

But I found this exchange between Chris Christie and Rand Paul the most electrifying of the night:

That "Get a warrant!" response from Rand Paul to Christie resonated with me.

I'm sick of these politicians fear-mongering, using 9/11 and terrorism to subsume more and more power into the government to control and record every aspect of our existence.

Paul followed that "Get a warrant!" response to Christie with this:

Indeed we can fight terrorism and protect the Bill of Rights.

In fact, what would be the point of "fighting terrorism" if we have to shred our Constitutional rights to do it?

Christie's wrapping himself in the Twin Towers and 9/11 last night was lame, his attack on Paul backfired (as it gave Paul a chance to launch the "Obama/hug" line) and the exchange over the Fourth Amendment and NSA surveillance between Christie and Paul just one more reminder of what an authoritarian bully Chris Christie is and what a disaster he would be as president.

Want to hear something truly terrifying - imagine Chris Christie with the power to indiscriminately spy on every American without a warrant.


  1. As an educator, you hate to see something or someome reduced to a soundbite, but in Christie's case I'll make an exception which has naught to do with his weight or girth. He is, quite simply, a BLABBERMOUTH!!!

    1. Love it - Kramden he is. Without the charm, of course...


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