Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, September 20, 2010

Christie Caves

Chris Christie had been refusing to turn over documents related to the Race to the Top sweepstakes that the New Jersey legislature needed to conduct an investigation into who was at fault for the mistake that cost the state $400 million in RttT funds.

But today, he caved:

Faced with the likelihood that Senate Democrats would subpoena his records and compel his advisers to testify, Gov. Chris Christie today agreed to turn over documents related to the state's recent loss of $400 million in federal education funding, according to four officials briefed on the situation.

Senate Democrats walked into the Statehouse today planning to grant themselves the power to supboena records and testimony from the administration. But with a Senate session delayed long past its 1 p.m. scheduled start, the hallways began buzzing with word that a deal had been struck. The deal was made in a one-on-one meeting between Christie and Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D-Gloucester), according to the sources.

With the compromise, Christie would be able to avert the spectacle of all-out partisan warfare and the possibility he would have to go to court to fight to keep some information secret. The Democrats, at the same time, would be able to declare another victory in what has become a tough political time for the rookie governor who had been steamrolling the opposition until the news last month that the state lost the Race to the Top competition because of an error in its application. The error led to a squabble between Christie and his education commissioner, Bret Schundler, who was then fired by the governor.

Keep digging, boys.

Bret Schundler says Christie is a liar, that he told Christie the truth about the mistake before Christie went out to a press conference and blamed the mess on the Obama administration.

Then, rather than take responsibility for the mess, Christie claimed Schundler lied to him and fired Schundler.

But Schundler has emails backing up his side of the story.

So keep digging, boys.

Christie has been caught in a lie and he is on the defensive.

There is more there.

Let's see if you can "Spitzer" Governor Christie and send the crooked bastard back to whatever mafia family he came from.

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