Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Little Andy Cuomo Looks To Out Tea The Tea Party

Oh, boy - Little Andy Cuomo is ratcheting up the attacks on the unions and public employee sector:

Andrew Cuomo claimed yesterday that he -- not bombastic, bomb-throwing Buffalo developer Carl Paladino -- is the real Tea Party candidate for governor this year.

The Democratic standard-bearer contended that his advocacy of tax and spending cuts and an end to influence peddling showed he had virtually the same message of reform being espoused by newly selected GOP candidate Paladino, but without caustic and divisive rhetoric.

"I've been saying everything you just said from the beginning of this campaign," said Cuomo when asked about the Tea Party's message.

"You're going to have to cut the programs because you're not going to be able to pay the amount."

"That's what the deficit is all about . . . Tea Party voter, Democrat or Republican, and independent or conservative, I don't think the labels matter this year," Cuomo continued.


"I've spent months traveling this state and I spent the summer traveling to over 40 counties. I don't care about the label. Everybody is frustrated. Everybody is anxious," Cuomo said.

"They're fearful of the situation in their own lives. They're afraid of their own personal economics, and then they look at Albany and they look at the state government that was supposed to be of service to them. This is the government that was supposed to be there when you needed help. They need help; they look at Albany and the dysfunction is breathtaking."

Little Andy's solution to Albany's dysfunction will be to destroy the public sector unions (esp. the teachers unions), privatize education, decimate the pension system and cap property taxes while noticeably NOT raising taxes on his hedge fund buddies or forcing Wall Street or corporate America to pay their fair share.

You see, if you're a hedge fund criminal like Whitney Tilson, you shouldn't actually have to pay taxes like the rest of us.

Just gracing us with your presence is apparently payment enough.

But if you have been working for two decades as a state worker and have expectations about your pension, you can be sure those expectations will be changed by Little Andy.

Because the problem in modern America according to Little Andy and his neo-liberal ideologues buddies is NOT the vulture hedge fund industry, predatory Wall Street or a corporate structure that outsources jobs, squeezes productivity and does everything it can to NOT hire Americans while still stealing millions in tax breaks from the state.

Oh, no.

For Little Andy and his neo-liberal buddies, the problem is public sector employees and unionized workers and their pension expectations.

If we can just BREAK those people, all will be swell in New York.

Hey Little Andy, Johnny Cash has a message for you - hope you can read lips:


  1. Cuomo is full of it, but, this Palladino is anti-evrything. What do we do vote for no one?

  2. I'm voting for the third party Howie Hawkins. Wont do my wife and I any good, Cuomo is going to win and put us all out to pasture.

  3. Maybe Cuomo will get Spitzered. He's an asshole and has lots of enemies...just like Spitzer.

    Unfortunately, unlike Spitzer, it's not Wall Street that hates him.