Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

UFT Ready To Sell Members Out Again?

This post at Gotham Schools sounds a bit ominous.

Klein wants the D.C. contract for NYC.

Weingarten says there is nothing extraordinary about the D.C. contract (even though teachers can be fired using test scores, teachers can be laid off without regard to seniority, tenure protections are non-existent and merit pay is promoted.)

Klein "snorts" with laughter and says "Fine, the D.C. contract has no concessions. Give that to me here in NYC."

Once again, Randi and the UFTer's/AFTer's argue that war is peace, up is down and giving a chancellor the power to fire teachers at will without regard to seniority or tenure is not a concession.

Can't you see Leo Casey twist himself into a pretzel to carry water for that contract?

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  1. God forbid we get the DC contract - that's one of the reasons I left DC.