Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Value Added Assessment Of The Obama Administration's Economic Record

First, input the stats

• Wages & Salaries are still down 3.7% from the prior peak
• Corporate profits are still down 20% from the peak
• Real GDP is still down 1.3% from the peak
• Industrial production is still down 7.2% from the peak
• Employment is still down 5.5% from the peak
• Retail sales are still down 4.5% from the peak
• Manufacturing orders are still down 22.1% from the peak
• Manufacturing shipments are still down 12.5% from the peak
• Exports are still down 9.2% from the peak
• Housing starts are still down 63.5% from the peak
• New home sales are still down 68.9% from the peak
• Existing home sales are still down 41.2% from the peak
• Non-residential construction is still down 35.7% from the peak

Those are the current stats.

Now take a look at the trend for the future:

This is not what the market wanted to hear: "Reports from the twelve Federal Reserve Districts suggested continued growth in national economic activity during the reporting period of mid-July through the end of August, but with widespread signs of a deceleration compared with preceding periods. Economic growth at a modest pace was the most common characterization of overall conditions, as provided by the five western Districts of St. Louis, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Dallas, and San Francisco. The reports from Boston and Cleveland also pointed to positive developments or net improvements compared with the previous reporting period. However, the remaining Districts of New York, Philadelphia, Richmond, Atlanta, and Chicago all highlighted mixed conditions or deceleration in overall economic activity."

Widespread deceleration of economic activity?

Gee, that sounds bad.

Given the the negative quality of the current economic stats, down anywhere from 3.7% to 68.9% from the peak of economic activity, and given the future trend of widespread deceleration of economic activity, Mr. Obama we're afraid we are just going have to fire your incompetent corporate-whore ass.

The good news is, you can play golf with Mayor for Life Richard Daley now that his corrupt, corporate ass is heading out of office too.

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