Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rahmbo Shows His Cards

On the same day that the Chicago Sun Times reported two negative stores about Jessie Jackson Jr., another story surfaces that Rahm Emanuel is "ahead" in internal polling for the Chicago's mayor's race.

Jackson is one of the more prominent rivals Emanuel will have if he decides to run for mayor.

First, the negative stories about Jackson:

Prosecutors Told Jackson was Behind Scheme

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) "directed a major political fundraiser to offer former Gov. Rod Blagojevich millions of dollars in campaign cash in return for an appointment to the U.S. Senate, sources said the fundraiser has told federal authorities," the Chicago Sun Times reports.

Jackson, who is considering a bid for Chicago mayor, challenged federal prosecutors to "bring it on" in a radio interview if they have evidence he was a conspirator in Blagojevich's corruption case.

Jackson Apologizes for "Social Acquaintance"

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) said he is "deeply sorry" for having "disappointed some supporters" regarding his relationship with a female "social acquaintance," the Chicago Sun Times reports.

At issue are allegations that Jackson was behind a scheme to raise money for former Gov. Rod Blagojevich in return for an appointment to the U.S. Senate. The person making the allegations also said Jackson asked him to fly a "social acquaintance" to Chicago for visits.

Said Jackson: "The reference to a social acquaintance is a private and personal matter between me and my wife that was handled some time ago. I ask that you respect our privacy."

The news comes as Jackson explores a Chicago mayoral run. He wasn't kidding when he called it a "heavyweight fight." They play hardball in the Windy City.

Tonight, Political Wire has a story that says Rahmbo's internal polling shows him

Rahm Ahead in Internal Polling

Ward Room reports that White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, widely believed to be considering a run for Mayor of Chicago, has conducted internal polls that "have him ahead of all-comers by up to 14 points," making a run increasingly likely.

Not sure I believe the Emanuel internal poll, but I'll say this for our fair Rahmbo:

He isn't subtle.

It's a shame Rahmbo isn't as good at governing as he is at dropping a couple of dimes on a political enemy.


  1. And since Emanuel made millions at a hedge fund during his hiatus between the Clinton administration and his election to congress, it's fair to say we know who his real constituents are.

  2. As he said the in the White House, "Fuck the UAW!"