Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Obama Has A Pity Party

Yesterday at a "labor" rally:

"They talk about me like a dog."

-- President Obama, quoted by the New York Times, about Republicans, adding "That's not in my prepared remarks, but it's true."

Well, if you didn't so delight in taking on your core constituency - like teachers and UAW members - and so need to be loved by the people who think you're a socialist who was born overseas - like most Republicans - maybe you wouldn't be in this mess.

You've already lost me and lots of teachers.

That's what happens when you create programs that scapegoat us for all the ills in society, demand that we be fired when our students' test scores stay stagnant, and just make our jobs harder and more difficult without actually improving public education for students.

Defend your people and maybe they'll defend you.

Take them on and they won't care what happens to you.


  1. We are not his people. We are only a means to an end.

    The annointed Supreme Leader used us for our votes.

    Now he wants us to look after him and his corrupt, thoughtless, bastard friends.

    I can see November from my house.

    It's time to throw the bums out. It is time to cut the arrogant ones support.

    Let there be gridlock. Let the clock run out on the Moslem President.

    Now that's what I call accountability.


    Angry Nog

  2. Angry Nog,

    Stop already with the "Moslem President" bullshit.

    I voted for Obama with little or no expectation that he would be a good president. I did it, rather, because I believed in the creative possibilities that might be opened up by people's inevitable disappointment and disillusion with him. My mistake: people were responding to an advertising brand, and his real political base - as we have seen - are some maverick hedge fundies and the neoliberal foundations (which he is a creature of).

    Instead of that, what we have is the racial panic-inspired nonsense about his religion, country of birth and "socialistic" policies.

    It's almost enough to make feel sympathy for him.


  3. Excuse me, Mr. President!! They talk about me like a dog ALL THE TIME in the media and they don't even know who I am. I made the error of calling myself a teacher. No one wants to be at my pity party, either.