Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

George W. Bush Institute To Train Principals

This sounds like it's from The Onion - but it's real:

DALLAS — The first initiative of the George W. Bush Institute will focus on improving the performance of school principals, former first lady Laura Bush announced Wednesday.

"We know the teachers have a direct and enormous impact on student performance and school principals shape the environment in which teachers are able to operate successfully," Bush told a group assembled at a Dallas high school for the announcement.

The institute's Alliance to Reform Education Leadership, or AREL, will consist of school districts, universities and foundations offering educational programs to current and future school leaders, Bush said.

"A well-trained, energetic teacher can be stifled under lackluster or discouraging administrators," said Bush, a former school teacher.

The Bush Institute hopes to certify at least half the nation's public school principals by 2020.

Would ANYBODY want to hire a principal trained by the Bush Academy?

Seriously, the Jack Welch/General Electric Principal Academy is bad enough.

But if you ask me to think about words that come to mind when I think about "George W. Bush" and "leadership qualities," I come up with "arrogant," "clueless," "delusional," "uninformed," "stubborn" and "unwilling to change course even when confronted with new facts that undercut previous theories."

Come to think about it, those are the same words I think about when I focus on the words "President Obama" and "leadership qualities" as well.

Either way, they are NOT what I would want to see in a principal.

Plus who wants to see all that illegal wiretapping and waterboarding going on in the school system?


  1. Imagine a barely literate Ivy League graduate having his name on an "institute" to train brainless, vindictive, and incompetent principals--the average ones in this country--become even worse at their jobs.

    Require appointment of principals at each school be made by teachers, and have their tenure renewed by those teachers every year. That would take care of the problem of principal abuse of teachers.

  2. ......"unwilling to change course even when confronted with new facts that undercut previous theories." That's what we commonly refer to as STUPIDITY. The Bush Academy is founded on the principles of.....stupidity!!!