Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Klein Predicts Layoffs

Buried in this Daily News story about former rubber roomers filing grievances against the city comes this nugget:

Meanwhile, Klein also predicted teacher layoffs before next fall, when the city will face larger budget cuts after federal stimulus dollars run out.

Klein similarly predicted layoffs last year, but they were averted when Mayor Bloomberg froze teacher salaries. The union did not agree to the freezes and the contract has not been settled.

Mulgrew suggested Klein needed to help get money from Albany and Washington.

All the money the city has gotten to reduce class sizes, yet still they will lay people off.

Th city got dough from the $10 billion teacher job bill that Obama signed (the one that cut food stamps for families of three by $521 a year), yet still they will lay people off.

Obama has thrown a total of $14.3 billion into education, yet most of that was for "data systems," new "assessments," and other ed reform moves near and dear to the ed deform heart rather than actual teachers for actual classrooms.

So still they will lay people off.

You can be sure we will hear more and more from the Ex-Educators 4 Excellence and Barbara "Klein" Martinez in the Wall Street Journal and other shills for Bloomklein that seniority is the greatest ill since tenure and must be ended as the school year progresses.

And then there will be some scare tactic come March or April, perhaps pension related if Little Andy is the new governor, that will have Mulgrew and Company rocking back on their heels trying to figure out what to do.

Or the scare tactic will be ATR-related.

One way or the other it will be something shrill and omnipresent in the tabloids, the UFT will cave on it and layoffs will be narrowly averted, the contract will still NOT be settled, teachers will continue to forgo raises and the data-meisters will continue to get millions to create new tests and data systems and the charter operators will continue to get additional finds while traditional public schools are starved.

That is the change we can believe in brought to us by Barack Obama.

That is the "change" Little Andy is promising.

And certainly that is the policy agenda we have seen from Klein and Bloomberg.

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