Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Assemblyman Thomas Abinanti Renews Call For Commissioner King To Resign

Apparently the assemblyman is not assuaged by the vaunted new Common Core forums NYSED Commissioner King announced late last week after canceling four parent forums on the Common Core the week before, because he continues to call for King's resignation:

Education Commissioner John King should resign immediately. His rigidity makes him unsuited for the position of Education Commissioner.

For quite some time, he has closed off all meaningful conversation with parents, educators, administrators, and elected officials who have highlighted serious deficiencies in State Education Department policies. He has exhibited a conscious disregard for their concerns. He should be listening, educating where criticisms are unfounded and adopting changes where criticisms are valid.

Recent events illustrate the problem. After scheduling a series of public discussions, Commissioner King abruptly canceled them when he lost control of the first one. Attendees openly resisted his attempt to convert the meeting into a lecture on the righteousness of his policies and roundly bashed those policies as counterproductive to educating children. 

NYSED recently announced a new series of forums. This is welcome but should supplement not substitute for Commissioner King’s resignation. The problem is not cancellation of a series of meetings – it’s Commissioner King’s attitude.

Demonstrating its insensitivity to the real problem, NYSED is now defensively attacking anyone who dares to criticize their policies. 

Commissioner King intentionally mischaracterizes the criticism of his approach and policies solely as opposition to Common Core. In reality, his critics cite his botched implementation of Common Core, his misappropriation of confidential student records and his aversion to input before adopting NYSED policies.

I agree with everything Assemblyman Abinanti writes in his call for King's resignation.

SED announced parent forums to replace the ones King canceled two weeks ago.


That doesn't wash away the misguided and damaging education reform policies King has imposed on the state, the arrogance with which he has carried those policies out, nor his inability to listen to anybody not already affiliated with his education reform agenda.


  1. The problems are Cuomo and Obamo. King is merely window dressing. His resignation means nothing.

    1. I agree. I would love to see him resign or be fired. But it means nothing if the law and policies stay the same.