Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Regents Chancellor Tisch Lectures Her Critics

Merryl Tisch told the citizens of this state that they had better tone the rhetoric against SED, the Regents and the Common Core down or she is going to turn this car right around:

“We're in the middle of a large reform effort,” Tisch told Capital Tuesday, responding to the criticisms. “People are feeling really unsettled. My admonition to everyone is: 'Let's tone it down, and let's focus on the work.'

“These ad hominem attacks from one side to the other, these rapid responses, are all about the politics of education. They're not about the work of education,” she continued. “The work of education is preparing teachers to teach to a higher standard and implementing Common Core as a reality across New York state.”

You see, any criticism of the Common Core, the SED, the Regents, the inBloom data project, or the state's testing apparatus is an ad hominem attack.

But Commissioner King calling parents "special interests"?

Apparently that doesn't meet the ad hominem attack threshold for Chancellor Tisch.


  1. Has the First Amendment been repealed? Just asking.

    1. It has not been repealed, last I looked. But in Merryl's mid, that First Amendment "right" we think we have is actually a privilege she can take away at any time.

    2. So true! That's so sad that it's actually funny in a bitter sort of way.

  2. Meryl Tisch is a rabbis daughter; She married into the wealthy Tisch family. The Tisch family is a special interest diversified business know as Loews corporation. They are key players in the anti-democratic kleptocratic elite. Ms. Tisch has an imperious and condescending attitude towards everyone who is not rich and connected. It is very similar to the attitude of Mayor Bloombucks, her close friend. Ms. Tisch is extremely shallow, very limited and completely undeserving of her position as Regents Chancellor.