Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, October 24, 2013

CEO's Should Lay Off The Common Core Propaganda And Focus On Their Own Businesses

The latest business genius to weigh in on the Common Core - the CEO of Xerox.

My first thought reading this opinion piece was, Xerox is still in business?


Who knew?

I sure didn't.

So I decided to check and see what's going on for them in the news.

It's not good, that's for sure.

Xerox Glitch Halts Food-Stamp Use

SEC Probes Xerox Unit's Accounting Practices

That SEC probe into the Xerox unit accounting practice is the second one in the last decade.

Gee, that seems like a problem. 

I know - maybe less attention to the Common Core, more attention to Xerox's core business and accounting practices.

What a great idea!

These CEO's they trot out to sell the Common Core - sheesh, enough already.

I heard next week another of Rochester's finest, the CEO of Kodak, will explain why Common Core is essential to their photo business...

That'll be great.

And of course there's the granddaddy of all of this, Bill Gates.

How's that Windows 8 thing going, Bill?

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