Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Newsday Poll: 47% Say Limit Charter School Growth, 40% Say Increase It

From a Newsday poll on the NYC mayor's race:

According to the poll, de Blasio's plan to limit the growth of charter schools is favored by only 47 percent, while 40 percent echo Lhota's position that the city needs more charter schools.

While de Blasio's plan to limit charter school growth may be supported by "only" 47%, that's 7% more than support Lhota's plan to increase charter school growth in the city.

Even the charter shills at Gotham School should understand that 47% is larger than 40%.

Given how much free publicity charter schools get in the corporate-owned media and how often traditional public schools get trashed by the politicians, the business "leaders," and the news media, frankly I'm happy that the ratio of those supporting the de Blasio charter school plan to the Lhota plan is as good as it is for those of us looking to cease a limit to the cancerous growth charter schools have enjoyed under Bloomberg.

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