Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, October 25, 2013

I'm Getting Old

Friday morning after Thursday night parent conferences kicks my ass more and more every year.

But of course I'd better not tell anybody.

Someone told me "Bouncing back quickly after parent conference night" is competency 5c on the Danielson rubric.

Wouldn't want to get dinged "ineffective" on that, would I?


  1. And when they hold PT conference on a Monday, and you get ovserved Tuesday morning, that is the ultimate bleary eyed ukiller. My supervisor lliked to come into my room, just to see how she could snag me, the chapter leader.
    These are the little things that no one tslks about. working in the land of GOTCHA.

    1. Also known as working in the land of Unity Caucus "leadership."

    2. It's easy for Goodman to say relax about the new system - he doesn't have to work under it. Those of us who do, there's no "relaxing"...

  2. Woops, sorry, that was observed, killer, liked, and talks.
    Early morning typing.