Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Where's Howard Wolfson When You Need Him?

On Monday, Bloomberg shill Howard Wolfson tweeted the following:

The NY Times today:

After a seven-day stretch in which no homicides were recorded in New York City, five occurred in 10 hours on Friday and Saturday. 

Three killings occurred in the Bronx, and two in Brooklyn. As of Saturday evening, no arrests had been made.

The Bloomberg administration claims New York City is on track to have the lowest number of murders in over fifty years.

But given how they play funny with the emergency response time stats, the crime stats, the graduation rates and the test scores, there are some skeptics out there:

Guarantee you, they're playing funny with the murder stats too. 

"Accidents" and "suicides" abound in this city...


  1. Just check the hospital admission rates for gunshot and stab wounds. Please read my brother John Eterno and Eli Siverman's work. Their book, The Crime Numbers Game punches holes in the crime statistics under Bloomberg.

    1. James, that's exactly the study I was thinking of when I wrote the crime stats are phonied up. Your brother's work is seminal in the preliminary effort to expose the manipulated crime data and stats Bloomberg has lived by during his 12 years in power. I hope once Bloomberg goes, more work will be done to expose the manipulation. I know from experience how the NYPD try and talk people out of filing reports, or how they classify crimes misdemeanors when they should be felonies. Happened to my wife, happened to another friend of mine.

  2. Yes they are. I once wrote a piece claiming they are hiding the bodies like those guys in The Wire did in abandoned buildings in Baltimore. But interesting to ask Wolfson why is he bragging some Stop and Frisk has been drastically reduced this year.

    1. I remember that piece! Funny, but people used to think we were crazy for saying they were funking with the stats. But it's seen less as conspiracy-minded these days - especially after CityTime.


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