Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Daily News Only Likes Teachers Were They're Trying To Stop People With Guns

Did you ever notice how the coverage of teachers and the teaching profession in the New York Daily News is overwhelmingly negative - unless the story is about a teacher trying to stop somebody with a gun?

Take this story of a tragedy in Nevada from yesterday:

A teacher died heroically in Nevada on Monday, using his body as a human shield to protect students after a middle-schooler opened fire with a semiautomatic handgun, police said.

The name of the shooter, believed to be a seventh-grader who died at the scene, was not released. It was not clear if he committed suicide.

The slain educator was identified by his family as Michael Landsberry, a beloved math teacher and former Marine.Witnesses said Landsberry, 45, was shot after he placed himself between the kid with the gun and other students.

“In my estimation, he is a hero. We do know he was trying to intervene,” Reno Deputy Police Chief Tom Robinson said.

Usually in the DN, we get stories about perv teachers, rubber room teachers, lazy teachers who don't want to be held accountable for student performance, etc.

But on days when tragedy strikes a school and a teacher selflessly puts herself/himself in harm's way to save others, the DN neo-cons swerve from the regularly scheduled teacher bashing to acknowledge that sometimes teacher do "heroic" things.

More hypocrisy from the news media aimed at teachers and the teaching profession.


  1. Check out todays newsday two articles (front page) Inbloom. common core and an editorial critical of King.

    1. Thanks - already posted about one, getting to others now before I have to go. They'll be up during the course of the day!