Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Assemblyman Threatens To Have Legislature Go Over Commissioner King's Head If Problems With Common Core Are Not Fixed

Buried in this YNN story about Commissioner King saying he's thinking about rescheduling parent town halls so long as the new meetings are "civil" is this:

"If it got out of hand, of course, that's not the right manner that we want those things to happen, but I do believe the parents have the right to be heard," said Assemblyman John Ceretto, R-Lewiston.

"Parents and teachers have been in our ears that there is an issue here and quite frankly you can't ignore that something's broken," Ceretto said.


Ceretto said he's pleased the commissioner's changing his tune and parents may have a chance to speak out.

"Let's hear what they have to say and let's create some type of legislation that will fix this and make education better and one that works better for everybody," he said.

 He said, if needed, the legislature could go over the commissioner's head in regard to Common Core Standards.

So now you see why King is saying he is open to rescheduling meetings - because politicians around the state are being inundated with complaints about Common Core, the tests, the evaluation system and the like.

And now they're letting him know, you'd better listen to parents and you had better fix what's broken or we will do it for you.

The tide is turning.

Tisch and King can no longer enact their harmful education reform agenda with impunity.

Enraged and upset parents around the state have made the politicians who enabled these two functionaries aware that there are serious problems with the SED and Regents reform agenda and if they are not fixed, somebody's paying at the ballot box.


  1. King is NYSED's Cathie Black. Completely incompetent, extremely arrogant and totally out to lunch when addressing the concerns of parents. As long as he remains the Commissioner, parents, students and teachers will have a field day challenging his (incompetent) leadership. He is afraid of parents because he is not intellectually capable of defending his approach to curriculum and teaching.

    1. BLack and King certainly share a healthy sense of selves above and beyond what is called for by their respective accomplishments, that's for sure.