Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Common Core Reform In A Nutshell

From yesterday's NYSED Commissioner King Common Core propaganda tour:

Ten-year-old John Del Vecchio got a standing ovation when he took to the microphone to describe how the rapid rollout of the new tests has caused a lot of stress for students like him in Yorktown public

“There is so much pressure to pass all these tests, me and my classmates stay in from recess to study,” he said.

There it is - so much pressure on the ten year old's that they have canceled recess so that the children can spend the time doing test prep.

That's John King's Common Core reforms in a nutshell.

That's Barack Obama's Race to the Top in a nutshell.

That's Andrew Cuomo's education reform agenda in a nutshell.

And interestingly enough, none of their children have to live through this because they all attend private school where they still have recess.

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  1. Cuomo's kids attend/graduated from public schools, in the Byram Hills district.

    It's a wealthy and outrageously segregated district, but public nevertheless.