Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, October 21, 2013

Bloomberg, Media Hypocrisy Over Charter Schools

Charter schools do not have to use the state's teacher evaluation system to evaluate teachers.

Most charter schools in the city have chosen not to use it.

Considering how badly designed and harmful it is, that's a good idea on their part.

The UFT runs a charter school that opted not to use the evaluation system.

Mayor Bloomberg and the Post hammered the UFT charter school for opting out of the evaluation system.

Somehow they weren't so upset that the rest of the charter industry in the city isn't using the evaluation system either.

Nope - they're upset at just the UFT charter school for not using the system.

Let's call this faux outrage on the part of Bloomberg and his elite media buddies at the Post what it is - out and out hypocrisy.


  1. I'd hardly call the Posr "elite media"-bargain basement bottom feeders is more like it.That being said,of coursd tge LSM sycophamts will be sucking up to him for at least the duration of his lame schmuck incumbency,hoping to catccatchh aa few crumbs should he choose to remain involved in media here.

  2. The UFT should be hammered --- by every UFT member who has to endure the eval system the UFT has backed. And the UFT should pull its school out of a public school. Or pay rent. Fact is the UFT should not run a charter which every passing day makes the union look like it's a ship of fools.