Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cuomo Says Test Scores Are Indeed Still Part Of The APPR Teacher Evaluation System

Governor Cuomo says, despite news coverage to the contrary, test scores are still going to be part of his vaunted APPR teacher evaluation system:

“There are teacher evaluations that are in the report and they are connected to tests, either state tests or locally approved tests,” Cuomo said on Sunday in Syracuse.

That's right, kids - your APPR teacher rating is going to be devised, in part, using test scores, either "local" tests approved of by NYSED or, wait for it, state tests.

If you've been reading this blog or a few of the other blogs on the blog list over to the right, you'd already know that test scores are still part of your APPR teacher evaluation rating despite the Cuomo Common Core Task Force report or the vote of the Board of Regents yesterday to implement a four year "moratorium" on the use of the Common Core tests in teacher ratings.

But it can't be any plainer than Cuomo put it on Sunday - test scores are still in APPR and depending upon what "local" tests your district decides to use for that part of APPR, you still might be rated by state tests, since some districts use that measurement for the local part of the APPR test score component.

How's that for a vaunted UFT/NYSUT "win", eh?

How's that for a "decoupling" of tests from teacher evaluations?

How's that for a bait and switch with the test scores/APPR ratings?

The cynic in me admires the bottom barrel cynicism of this move from Cuomo and his deformy pals at the Board of Regents and on his Common Core Task Force.

Seriously, to get all those headlines claiming test scores were no more for teacher evaluations until 2019 when they're actually not going anywhere.

The cynicism takes your breath away, it's that good.


  1. I knew it all along! We had a Unity person come by our school the other day bragging about the "win" but the teachers in my school who are up to date on all of this knew the real deal. Can't wait to see how Mulgrew tries to spin this when the word gets out to ALL teachers in NYC.

  2. Justice delayed is justice denied.


  4. This is why in spite of my strong union tendencies I am stripping these inept gravy training "union leadership" jerkoffs of the few bucks they've been mishandling on my behalf for the better part of the past 3 decades. The deck is stacked in such a way that we have practically no way of forcing them to represent us. Let's see what they do when the gravy gets shut off. Bring on Friedrichs.

  5. Lock up Cuomo in Dannemora.

  6. Indict that SOB already. Teachout in 16.

  7. Indict that SOB already. Teachout in 16.

  8. But wait, NYSUT said this was a "momentous victory".

    1. The momentous victory for us will be telling NYSUT they aren't getting any more money to donate to Flanagan and run attack ads that backfire on us. Soooo looking fwd to telling them to bugger off.