Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, December 25, 2015

Jeb Bush Loves Pitbull

There are lots of reasons to dislike Jeb Bush - here's another one in this NY Times piece about Bush's alleged "sense of humor":

Jeb Bush had grown fond of Pitbull, the Miami performer gone global, who seemed to share his zeal for education policy. But Mr. Bush, a former Florida governor, had a question: Why the stage name? 

The artist replied that a friend had suggested it years ago while they were en route to a pit-bull fight.
“Well,” Mr. Bush replied at their meeting early this year, “good thing you weren’t on the way to a cockfight.”

Hey, great - Bush is pal's with misogynistic rapper/charter school entrepreneur Pitbull and can make penis jokes.

What a dick.

There - I can make penis jokes too.

One of the delights of this presidential season so far is to see that the more money Bush and his surrogates spend on pushing Bush as a candidate, the more people dislike him and his poll numbers plummet.

If he sticks around much longer, he's going to be in Jindal territory.


  1. Don't put ANYTHING past the Bush Crime Family...

  2. Trump's life is very much at risk opposing ruthless Nazis like The Bushes...look what happened to JFK....look what happened to R. Reagon...Bush Family IS the Military Industrial Complex..

  3. The Bush Famiiglia despised both JFK and Reagon because they were a threat to the status quo ... then BADA BING...

  4. I am a right wing Republican, but if Jeb Bush managed to climb up the ladder and win the GOP nomination there is no way I could possibly vote for the man. He is wrong on so many issue, but none more than education.

    He positions himself as an expert, but he is no better than Governor Creep or Senator Slime (John Flanagan), both of whom has made a mess of public education in New York.

    Bush is actually much worse than Creep. Bush basically privatized the entire Florida public education system. Charter schools now rule the roost.

    Bush sickens me. He is smug, condescending and a lover of government overreach. He would allow midnight raids on citizens homes, breaking down of front doors, recording our telephone and internet habits, etc all in the name of national security. I am not willing to surrender my civil liberties or to live in a police state to fight terrorism.

    Bush is a terrible man who should not be allowed to get anywhere near the White House.

  5. Also remember Ross Perot. He had 30% of the vote in 92 , running against Pappa Bush. He claims he was threatened by Bush Family, and dropped out of race.

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