Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Judging By The Interest In The Buffalo Chronicle Piece, People Really Want Andrew Cuomo Indicted

That Buffalo Chronicle piece about Cuomo getting indicted on January 2 sure is getting a lot of attention on the Internet.

I posted last night that I wouldn't trust the Buffalo Chronicle on the story and the traffic at the blog quintupled.

Nick Reisman at State of Politics wrote that Time Warner News has been getting questions about why Capital Tonight wasn't addressing the Cuomo "indictment" story.

Reisman noted that the story's almost certainly wrong, given that January 2 is a Saturday, it comes after a holiday (January 1), and federal courts are closed both days (not to mention grand juries do the indictments.) 

He writes that being skeptical about sharing this sort of thing is a good idea, considering the sourcing and the anonymous by-line.

Good points all.

But while the Chronicle story is not credible, what I find most interesting is the fervor with which people began sharing the "news" of Andrew Cuomo's impending indictment.

It's just anecdotal, but judging by all the Internet discussion, the social media posts/shares and the web traffic of the Cuomo "indictment" story, a lot of people are interested in seeing Andrew Cuomo taken out of office in handcuffs.


  1. the damage is done... but it would sure be nice watching this guy get his

  2. Very true, RBE. Someone I know in Massachusetts sent me the link to the Chronicle story. Wow. However the pollsters compile their data, Cuomo's negative ratings -people who are truly skeeved out by the guy -must be OFF THE CHARTS. It's not just teachers but all of their friends and family who are rooting for Cuomo to be locked up. The guy is hemorrhaging votes...everywhere.
    -John Ogozalek

  3. A fish rots from the head down,

  4. Been an awful lot of wishful reporting on Cuomo by those who want to see him gone. He's not going anywhere soon unless there is national position calling his name.

  5. Mr Cuomo is knee deep in corruption...perhaps he doesn't have a dime in his pocket with the finger prints of the pay-to-play business world, but his re-election coffers miraculously have grown by leaps and bounds as Cuomo makes "nice-nice" in the dark, private corners of the dining rooms in Midtown.

    The scenario:

    Part 1: The checks begin to roll in in January.

    Part 2: The services to the people of New York are offered to the highest bidder.

    Part 2a: ( Caveat - only contributing parties are allowed to participate).

    Part 3: Lo and behold, Cuomo's political and "financial " supporters win sweetheart deals.

    Part 4: The Home Run. Business players that gave to Cuomo' campaign now pay their "balance due".

    Results: Cuomo and business that contributes to his bank accounts Score!

    The Seventh Inning Stretch: These are momentary pauses in the form of:

    Bull shit attempts to say I hear you, hoping the fans indulge in popcorn and crackerjack.

    Cuomo represents the evil that walks the corridors in Albany...the disease that plagues decisions having impacts on the lives of all New Yorkers.

    Why the heavy push for Hochul over Wu?

    Answer: If Cuomo is forced to leave office, she steps in and continues the harmful policies.

    My gut indictment is on the horizon. Perhaps no wire taps, but they are not needed here...Cuomo is linked to corruptive actions from numerous angles.