Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Regents Exam Scores Still Part Of APPR Teacher Evaluations

Remember that jive about there being a "moratorium" on using state test scores in APPR that upset the deform shills at the Wall Street Journal yesterday?

As many of us have suspected, there's a lot less than meets the eye to the "moratorium":

The moratorium removes state-provided growth scores based on the state standardized, Common Core-aligned third- through eighth-grade math and English language arts exams from the calculations for teacher and principal evaluations.
The Regents exams and fourth- and eighth-grade science tests would still be factored in.

But wait - I thought there was a "moratorium" on using state test scores in APPR?

Turns out it's a special Cuomo "moratorium" in which some state test scores are still used - you know, like Regents scores for high school teachers.

The devil, as always, is in the details, so we'll see for sure in January when Cuomo gives his state of the state/budget address - assuming he's not under indictment, that is.


  1. Note this includes COMMON CORE algebra, geometry, and ELA.

    Also maintains the use of a FOUR YEAR cumulative (5 to 8) state science test to evaluate only the 8th grade teachers. So they are accountable for FOUR YERAS of science instruction.

  2. Fraud, misinformation to the media and general public, RICO , RICO , RICO..,
    Yada yada yada..,,

    The fish rots from the head down,

  3. His word is not like his father's ideals. He got corrupted by power and desire to make more money by throwing out his principles and making our students look good so he looks good. No way they can compete with rest of the world with this false belief that only test scores can validate their abilities, set aside the other valuable skills and virtues that the kids might need to succeed other than passing a written exam.

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