Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Deadbeat Dad Andrew Cuomo Shirked Paying Fair Share For Family Upkeep

More evidence that Governor Cuomo's a deadbeat dad:

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo failed to pay tens of thousands of dollars into a fund as his share of the family's expenses while married to one of Robert F. Kennedy's daughters, Daily Mail Online has learned exclusively.

The result of his inaction is that ex-wife Kerry Kennedy is considerably worse off than her eight surviving siblings or other members of the Kennedy clan.

And that is why Kerry, 56, has been determined to battle the husband she divorced more than a decade ago for child support for their three daughters, who are all now at Ivy League universities.

'Kerry never thought to check to make sure Andrew was paying the money in while she was married, it was only after they split that she realized,' one inside Kennedy source tells Daily Mail Online.

Cuomo and Kennedy finally came to an agreement on the cash to fund their daughters' education late last week after The New York Post started digging into the matter. 
The Post said the dispute surrounded 'substantial amounts' of child support payments for the past two-and-a-half years.

The Post claimed Cuomo, who is seen as a likely future Democratic presidential candidate, only paid up a few hours after learning that the paper was preparing an article in a bid to avoid adverse publicity.

But sources tell Daily Mail Online this isn't the first time that Cuomo, 58, has tried to avoid paying money to his ex. He did the same when they were married.

'This fits the pattern,' the insider told Daily Mail Online.

Read the whole thing, then head on over and read Andrew Cuomo's 2012 statement about the importance of paying child support.

It's a hoot.

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