Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Report: Cuomo's Common Core Task Force Will Call For "Up To A Four-Year Moratorium" On Using Test Scores In APPR

From Keshia Clukey at Politico NY:

ALBANY — In its draft report of recommendations to the governor, the Common Core task force is calling for an overhaul of the state's testing system, the creation of new state standards and transparency on those standards' rollout, according to a copy obtained by POLITICO New York.

The draft report, given to the majority of task force members for review Wednesday, is expected to be finalized and will likely be released Thursday or Friday, task force members told POLITICO New York.

The draft also includes a space for the task force to weigh in on the impact of student test scores on teacher evaluations, and the panel will likely use that space to recommend up to a four-year moratorium, according to a source familiar with the task force's plans.

Devil is always in the details but if this is what ends up in the governor's agenda, I'm not impressed.

The "creation of new state standards" will be Common Core Mach II, with just enough tweaked so they can say this is "all-new"!

The overhaul of the state's testing system can mean a whole bunch of things, but until we get details on it, I'm not ready to give it my blessing.

I know they say these new tests will be age-appropriate and teacher-created and all that jazz, but as far as I can tell in the Era of Common Core, no entity-developed test has been either, so I remain skeptical of what the testing overhaul will come up with in the end.

As for the four-year moratorium on test scores, that doesn't mean much to me either - a moratorium is nothing more than a delay and a delay on junk science in APPR means they're still using junk science in APPR.

Remains to be seen what actually ends up in the governor's agenda, but if this is the big news, I'm not that impressed.

Feels to me like another attempt to make it look like big change is coming without big change really coming.

What they're really trying to do is put a stake through the opt out movement by claiming its rationale for existence no longer holds.

But so long as the Endless Testing regime remains in place and is the underlying principle behind the education system, opt out very much has a reason to exist.

More as we get it.

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