Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Cuomo Vetoes FOIL Transparency Laws On Same Day That Dean Skelos Is Convicted On Eight Criminal Counts

You just can't make this stuff up.

Yesterday former state Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and his son Adam were convicted on eight criminal counts in the corruption case federal prosecutors brought against them.

Governor Cuomo released the following statement after the convictions:

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, a Democrat, said in a statement that the “convictions of former Speaker Silver and former Majority Leader Skelos should be a wake-up call for the Legislature, and it must stop standing in the way of needed reforms.”

“The justice system worked today,” Mr. Cuomo continued. “However, more must be done and will be pursued as part of my legislative agenda.”

The NY Times story noted that despite Cuomo's words, he hasn't worked all that hard for "reforms":
The governor has made similar pledges before, but his efforts have ultimately led to changes that have been faulted for not being stringent enough.

Indeed, just yesterday, Cuomo did this:


Albany is a cesspool of corruption, Silver and Skelos certainly added their own dross to it.

But that third man in the room, the one who shut down the Moreland Commission in return for a budget deal with Silver and Skelos and nearly saved them both from criminal prosecution, remains in power and continues to make the cesspool of corruption grow by the hour.

He's going to make reforms part of his "legislative agenda"?

Sure he is.

Just like he's going to make Albany a model of transparency by using untraceable Blackberry PIN messages and private email accounts to conduct the public's business.

US Attorney Preet Bharara sent out his second ever tweet yesterday after his first one ("Stay tuned...") went out on Thursday as Cuomo was making a big development program announcement:

Clearly at least one more.

We'll see if we get it.


  1. Preet seems to be forecasting this message to Cuomo: If your legislative agenda doesn't come down strong on reforming corruption in Albany, expect an indictment in the spring.

    So, don't anticipate anything before then at least....

    Now some will say that if this is the case, an indictment is a given, considering this latest vetoing of FOIL legislation....
    However, watch ol' Cuomo here....he will have all of his slickness on display between now and the legislative session. He'll craft all kinds of stuff to root out corruption....much like this rebrand he is putting on his education will be all loud and sweeping-sounding, but really will only go far enough to call Preet off...if its possible.

    I really don't think Preet wants to take down Cuomo. Cuomo is an order of magnitude higher than Skelos and Silver....3 men in a room but of of them is the Titanic and the other 2 are just ocean liners. Its a super heavy lift for Preet to get Cuomo. His (Preet's) reputation as of now couldn't be stronger, and there are certain political sensitivities re. indicting Cuomo....throwing NYS into political chaos for one, and also coming up against the juggernaut of Cuomo's political network. This is no small thing. In the end, Cuomo will wiggle too much for the US Attorney if he tries to get the rope around his neck.

    My bet is that Preet is acting like the police car parked along the highway...can't pull everyone over, but just wants to see people adjusting their speed...thats the main thing. Preet wants to see Cuomo reform NYS....the only question is where the line Cuomo has to meet is.

  2. Depressing. Predictable but depressing.

  3. A cesspool of festering corruption grows more toxic by the hours and minutes. Justice delayed is justice denied. The obscurantist policies of the Cuomo administration have defiled the lives of millions of New Yorkers as the so called public defender idly stands by allowing Cuomo to pervert our state government.

  4. A depressing toxic mess of corruption left untreated endangers our lives, our democracy and the lives of our children. Our nation is not the envy of folks around the world. But rather it is the most degraded laughingstock among all who judge it fairly.