Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, December 17, 2015

These Are Clearly Reasons Why Buffalo Schools Should Be Charterized

From the Buffalo News:

A new survey of students in Buffalo Public Schools reinforces the extent of the problems the district is facing – not in the classroom, but in the home.

Fourteen percent of high school students who took the survey said they have been beaten or physically harmed by a parent or adult while in their house.

Sixteen percent have lived with someone diagnosed as mentally ill or suicidal.

Nearly one out of four has lived with someone who was an alcoholic, drug abuser or problem gambler.

More than a third said they have seen someone in their neighborhood shot, stabbed or beaten.

And more than 37 percent said they had a parent or adult in their home swear at or insult them.

All of these are of course the fault of their teachers, who fail them on a daily basis, and keep them from having the kind of achievement they're all capable of if only their schools and teachers didn't suck.

Wanna bet when they charterize whole swaths of Buffalo that the students who are beaten or physically harmed at home, have an alcoholic or drug addict in the home, live in neighborhoods where people are shot or stabbed or have adults in the home with mental illness or who verbally abuse them will have to strictly tow the "No Excuses!" charter line or be dumped out of the charter district and back to whatever is left of the public school district?

Which is to say, charterizing a whole swath of Buffalo won't solve this mess.

But then again, charterizing public schools isn't about solving this kind of crisis or serving students.

It's about making money for the charter entrepreneurs and their politician pals who love the yummy yummy political donations they receive from the charter sector.


  1. Has to be the teachers who cause those kids to fail their tests. Can't be anything else. Definitely a good idea to base their employment on those test scores.

    It would be nice if they made the entire district into charters. How do you get rid of the problem kids when you are the only school choice? That's would be phenomenal.

  2. And once these traumatized kids are placed in charters then expelled when their life experiences manifest themselves in violent and anti social behaviors they can go to jail. But hey someone operating a charter somewhere is going to make a buck and a union is going to be weakened and after all kids isn't that what this is all about?

  3. VOTE for Trump and the bull crap will end with these fake politicians taking money for political favors such as give me a charter school. Trump will change the face of all politicians including the dopes we have in albany and the ones who were sent to jail.