Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Seasonal Sentiments In The Age Of Cuomo

On the road for a bit today, but thought I'd leave you with a couple of seasonal sentiments before I go - the first from Bill Nojay:

 Which leads to this nice sentiment:

Keep your eye on the investigation into Cuomo's Buffalo Billion Project and donors - with subpoenas having gone out to Cuomo donors and state entities involved in what appears to be a rigged bidding process, that strikes me as the area where has he the most vulnerability.

This was the Buffalo News story into that back in September:

Federal prosecutor Preet Bharara’s investigation into the Buffalo Billion is part of a larger probe into other development projects, including the Buffalo Schools Construction Project, sources close to the investigation said Friday.

The first hint of an investigation by the Manhattan U.S. Attorney came in the form of subpoenas demanding information on several large-scale state initiatives, many of them with close ties to Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and the SUNY Polytechnic Institute in Albany.

Sources said the subpoenas went out across the state and seek documents and records regarding the bidding process on those projects, as well as any communication between state officials and private contractors.


Bharara’s office declined to comment on the new investigation, but stopped well short of refuting the New York Post’s initial account of the investigation.

“I’m not saying the story is baseless. I’m saying we can’t comment,” James M. Margolin, a Bharara spokesman, said Friday.

The Post, in its story, said Bharara’s office is looking at multimillion-dollar state contracts that led to the construction of high-tech, drug-development and clean-energy businesses.

“It’s a comprehensive look at the bidding process,” a source told the Post. “They’re looking at communications between contractors and state officials.”

We haven't had any leaks about the Buffalo Billion Project investigation in a while.

We'll see if the silence continues into the new year or if the leaks come again, signaling a new phase for the investigation.

Again, this may not end in an indictment and perp walk for Cuomo.

But given how defensive the Cuomo administration is about the investigation (see here and here), you know they're worried about something.


  1. RBE, today's Newsday front page the opt out folks are giving the middle finger to Cuomo and the deformers. A must read, good for them they expect even more students being opted out. Lets hope this sends a message to all promoting this fraud of reform.

    Old Teach

  2. Love the Quid Pro Quomo photo from Randy Credico. If Bharara keeps up his pattern look for action to be taken shortly after the Budget/SOS speech on Jan. 13!