Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bloomberg Says Cathie Black Is "Ready To Hit The Ground Running"

Not a surprise - the political establishment is all in Bloomberg's pocket:

The state supreme court has upheld the waiver issued allowing media executive Cathie Black to become the city's next schools chancellor.

Critics filed a lawsuit challenging the waiver, which was needed since Black does not have any professional education experience.


In a statement, the mayor said, "This decision should bring an end to the politicking and grandstanding and allow us all to focus on what matters most: continuing to improve the quality of education we offer New York City’s public school children. Cathie has been working hard and is ready to hit the ground running on Monday, her first official day on the job, and I know she is looking forward to building on the tremendous progress we’ve made over the past eight years."

Mayor Bloomberg also praised Black saying she is ready to hit the ground running

She's ready to hit the ground running?

Great - give her a snow shovel and tell her to start shoveling snow.


  1. She'll have plenty of people to run from, if my guess is right.

  2. LOL @ ready to hit the ground running. Given the current state of the streets in Bloomberg's NYC that's not saying much.. she'll be slipping and sliding all over the place!

  3. She better watch the slipping and sliding - Bloomberg has a bunch of snow plow driver trainees clearing the streets. They're cheaper than the real thing, but boy do they do some damage!

  4. Will training wheels help her when she hits the ground running to shovel snow?