Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

NYCDOE: Teacher Data Report Errors Not Our Fault

This is the mantra of the Bloomberg administration - any problems are NOT our fault.

We DIDN'T do anything wrong.

You DID.

So LEAVE us alone.

Bloomberg did this when he whined about the $80 million CityTime theft being hard to unravel because the contract was so complex.

Now the DOE is doing it over the errors in the TDR's.

They say the errors are the fault of the schools themselves, not the DOE.

They say they have to release the reports anyway, despite the errors, because people, you know, asked for them.

People being the press.

But as for the problems with them - the errors involving class lists, teacher assignments, even grade levels - well, they don't supersede the need to reveal this data.

Nor does the fact that the TDR's, on average, have a 30% MOE from year-to-year.

It's amazing how the chief accountability guy at the DOE - second-in-command wanker Shael Polakow-Suransky - likes to hold other people accountable, but refuses to take any responsibility for his own screw-ups.

In that character flaw, he is just like his boss, the Mayor of Accountability, who refuses to take responsibility for the $80 million CityTime theft or the $700 million cost overruns for the project even though there is now CLEAR evidence that the city knew about the problems with the project seven years ago.

Accountability is apparently only for teachers, not for deputy chancellors or mayors.


  1. Will there ever be peace and sanity in this world of 'gotcha' against teachers?

    I want this mayoral control to FINALLY BE OVER.

  2. I am a nyc school teacher. I am not disgusted by the data because it does have its merits. however,the data lack context. there are so many derivatives that affect a child score that few people outside the school community can begin to grasp.