Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Would Bloomberg Have Gotten The City Plowed Faster If School Had Been In Session?

The only thing that bothers the Mayor of Accountability more than his foundation paying taxes to New York City is when public school children get a day off from school because of snow.

Remember late February last year when it snowed for 16 hours straight but Bloomberg said school was in session for the next day despite the 12+ inches of snow that were forecast to fall?

Oh, yeah - I remember.

In fact, New York City got more than 17 inches of snow that day, just a couple of inches less than what fell on December 26-27, 2010.

And yet, Bloomberg was confident the streets could be plowed in time for kids to get to school so he said schools were open.

Turned out the storm was pretty bad, the city couldn't get plowed in time for the rush hour and Bloomberg had to call off school at 5 AM, much to his chagrin.

Fast forward to yesterday - three additional inches of snow fell on the city and once again, Bloomberg underplayed the severity of the storm.

But this time, snow removal was extra slow and many streets are still not plowed more than 29 hours after the last snow flakes fell.

Many on the city are irate at how poorly Bloomberg handled the storm.

A commenter in this thread asks the following:

In February Bloomberg was praised for his quick clean up on a school day. Since he thinks he believes in children first. Does that mean adults second or last when there is no public school?

It's a really good question to ask:

Would Bloomberg have gotten the city plowed faster if school had been in session instead of Christmas break?

Did he fall down on the job because he didn't have to worry about having to close schools?


  1. For the love of Smedley, would you lay off Mikey already? Streets that Matter were plowed with all due haste, and had you the remotest notion of foresight you'd have moved onto one years ago!

  2. Bloomberg just said on TV we did a great job and we will continue to do great job but not every street will be plowed today
    Bloomberg I teach private school when will I be teaching again?
    No school for two days already

  3. LOL @ Smellington! "Let them go to a Broadway Show" is Bloomberg's twist on "Let them eat cake!" Unfortunately for you, Mike and your Upper East Side billionaire cocktail party friends (like Cathie Black) I think the peasants have reached their tipping point.