Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, December 27, 2010

Daily News: Bloomberg Says He Will Clean City Streets Of Snow Despite Budget Crisis

From the WTF? file:

Mayor Bloomberg vowed to dig New York out from under the snowy mess no matter what it costs the cash-strapped city.

"We're going to plow the snow, clean the streets and then worry about how to pay for it," he told reporters at a emergency news conference in a Manhattan sanitation garage.

Bloomberg has ordered layoffs and cost-saving measures like closing fire houses at night to deal with an ongoing budget crisis, but said he's squirreled away money for storms.

What, does the mayor want a cookie for actually cleaning city streets of snow?

Or worse, is he looking for a bad winter with lots of storms as an excuse to layoff teachers?

Can't you see it in a few months if we have a couple of more storms like this one?

MAYOR: I had squirreled away money for two major storms but now that we're on our fifth major storm of the season, I will have to lay off 500 teachers and close three schools in order to clean the streets.

I can see him saying something like that, actually.

Of course, the reply to this is, "You would have had the money for the storms if you hadn't let the CityTime crooks steal $80 million and the cost of the project skyrocket to over $700 million from the original $63 million pricetag."

For some reason, the Mayor of Fiscal Prudence rarely gets called on this when he's talking how fiscally prudent he is.

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