Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, December 24, 2010

Klein: Merry Christmas - You're Fired

Only Joel Klein would send a Christmas email out detailing the layoffs to come.

Here is how Leonie Haimson at NYC Public School Parents blog described the Klein "Merry Christmas, you should be fired, you lazy bastards!" missive:

Joel Klein's last (hopefully) Principals Weekly reminds us of some of his worst qualities – his pretentiousness and hypocrisy.

Harold Levy came in as Chancellor quoting Wallace Stevens; Klein leaves quoting T.S. Eliot. (What is it with these corporate lawyers posing as educators; is it intellectual insecurity?)

Klein quotes these lines, from Eliot's Little Gidding:

"We shall not cease from exploration/And the end of all our exploring/Will be to arrive where we started/And know the place for the first time."

Sounds like a a dog chasing his own tail -- an inadvertent metaphor for the perpetual cluelessness of this administration.

He goes onto make oft-repeated claims -- the great achievement gains under his leadership, which were actually quite limited compared to other cities around the nation; and the same old familiar complaints: Why can't we lay off teachers regardless of seniority? Why can't we fire teachers on Absent Teacher Reserve?

He also writes that given "the economics of our state and city" there will be no choice but to lay off teachers -- when there are clearly lots of better choices, other areas of spending that could be cut, and quite a few revenue options as well

Given the economics of the city and the state, there will be no choice but to lay off teachers?

Wall Street had its best third quarter ever.

The banks have had their best two years ever.

Oh, and NYC has a budget surplus.

And the coffers would be even fuller if Mayor Bloomberg hadn't let the CityTime crooks steal $80 million bucks.

Who knows what the rest of Bloomberg's cronies have stolen from the city coffers?

So let's dispense with the "given the economics of the city and state" jive.

You guys WANT to lay people off.

You also WANT to destroy seniority.

You're USING the "given the economics" jive as an excuse to do both of those things.

You say you only want to get rid of the "bad teachers."

But of course, given the economics, "bad teachers" means "most expensive."

So you know what, Joel?

Johnny Cash has a Christmas message for you.

And you can ride it all the way into the New Year at News Corp:


  1. You see, bastards like Klein, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and sorry to say, even Warren Buffet (who I used to like) are accustomed to "the new business model" of "the global economy." Places like China, where the following article details inhumane labor practices causing Chinese workers to commit suicide rather than work in these factories. They work at least 12 hour shifts, 6 days a week, and are not allowed to speak to each other. They must sign contracts agreeing to be committed to mental hospitals if "they have any mental issues on the job." These are the poor slaves who make your IPhones, and Ipads, Dells, and a host of other digital doodads that we are so obsessed with. So scumbags like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and many others can be celebrated for their "business genius." You don't get much emphasis on the the dark side of American business by the American mainstream corporate media, do you? Instead, they'd rather drill you with non stop info on the latest drunken slut of the day, like Lindsey, or Paris, or Britney...right? Instead, they tout Jobs as some genius guru, when he's really a sleazy sweat shop operator. and Randy trots out scum like Bill Gates as the new teaching guru...can you even make this shit up...? It's no wonder that corporate facsists like Mayor For Life Scumberg are appalled at the notion of lower middle class schmucks like us continuing to receive a fair wage with a pension.

    (article to follow)

  2. Enjoy your Iphones...and buy Apple stock...I hear it's going to go through the roof...I wonder why....?