Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The "No Excuses" Mayor Offers Lame Excuses For Snow Mess

Bloomberg likes to tell teachers there are "no excuses" for any problems they might encounter in their jobs.

The only thing that matters is performance.

But in his own job as mayor, he's got plenty of excuses:

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said on Tuesday that the city was doing all it could to clear streets of snow and abandoned vehicles two days after being hit by a blizzard. But he refused to say when all of the city’s streets would be plowed.

“This storm is not like any other we’ve had to deal with,” Mr. Bloomberg said at a news conference from the Office of Emergency Management in Downtown Brooklyn late Tuesday morning, referring to the intensity of the blizzard and the number of vehicles that remain stuck in snowdrifts on city streets. “We are doing everything we possibly can.”


Mr. Bloomberg’s tone on Tuesday was in marked contrast to his remarks at a Monday news conference, when he had said: “The world has not come to an end. The city is going fine.”

Those comments angered some New Yorkers, particularly those who still could not go to work or even leave their homes because of the pile-up of snow around the city.

The mayor asked for residents’ patience, and at one point said the city’s response constituted “the biggest effort to clear snow our city has ever seen.”

“It is a bad situation,” he said, “and people are working together.”

This storm is NOT the worst storm the city has ever had to deal with it.

Overall it was the sixth worst storm on record.

But some areas got hit worse than others.

Parts of Queens got just over a foot of snow.

Howard Beach, for example, got 14 inches of snow.

That's not Snowmageddon by any stretch of the imagination

Bloomberg, however, apparently can't get that snow removed until Wednesday or Mother Nature herself melts it.

Just yesterday he told people it was no big deal, go shopping and see a play.

Now all of a sudden he's saying its the worst storm the city has ever had to deal with, it's not his fault he can't get the city plowed and the transit running, stop blaming him BECAUSE HE IS DOING THE BEST HE CAN!!!!

Excuses, excuses, Mr. Mayor.

The only thing that matters is performance.

And yours, both in your press conferences to talk about the snow removal and in the actual removal of the snow itself, has been piss-poor


  1. Saw 6 sanit trucks with plows at Dunkin' Donuts

  2. Maybe they were plowing the white frosting off a half dozen old fashioneds?

  3. We live in a third world country with a first world taxation syste.

    He is a little asshole and he knows it.
    Rot seize the little twerp. He should die screaming.

    Angry Nog

  4. Anonymous , you are onto something.