Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Oh, the madness of it all.

To actually criticize His Royal Highness, the Mayor of Accountability, for the Bloomberg Blizzard Disaster of 2010 - well, just how can they?

Mayor Michael Bloomberg traveled to a hardware store in the Bronx this afternoon to tout his administration's clean-up efforts regarding the blizzard that hit the city on Sunday and to express regret that in places the storm seemed to find the city unprepared.

But he had no patience for the chorus of critics—some of whom were allies, like council Speaker Christine Quinn—who have questioned his administration's readiness for this storm.

"I don't think politics has anything to do with this," he said in response to a reporter's question about the criticism. "It's trying to get the city back and making sure we have everybody working together and that we look at our procedures and see if we could have done better and if we couldn't ok, but at least if we can do better want to make sure we do it the next time. It doesn't really help anybody to get involved in this. I think maybe they don't have enough things to do if that's what they are focusing on."

It's just like the wingnuts used to say about George W during the Iraq war - how can you criticize a wartime president during his time of need?

And how can anybody criticize a wartime mayor in his time of emergency?

Shouldn't we all just come together and support this mayor so that he can do the best job possible despite all the mistakes he has made, the disastrous cost-cutting policies he has put into place and the tone deafness he has displayed throughout the mess?

At the end of the day, isn't it ALWAYS about bowing down to His Royal Highness and doing what is best for Bloomberg?

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  1. We all know (except maybe Tim) that the sanitation workers are going to be the scapegoats in this. An editorial in the Daily News went beyond that, however. According to the editor, if we could just do away with "lavish" public employee pensions and the seniority layoff system in the schools, massive cuts in public services (such as the lower staffing levels of sanitation workers during the storm) would not be necessary. Once that has been accomplished,everything will be hunky-dory. Can you believe this s%&t?