Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mayor Says He Takes Responsibility For Snow Mess, Then Blames NYers

I guess this is the closest anybody will ever get to Mike Bloomberg saying he screwed up:

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg accepted responsibility Wednesday for the city’s response to a crippling snowstorm, pledging to have every street plowed by morning and then to figure out why his administration’s cleanup efforts were inadequate.

Speaking at a hardware store in the Hunts Point section of the South Bronx, Mr. Bloomberg said he was “extremely dissatisfied” with the performance of the city’s emergency management system. He said the response was “a lot worse” than after other recent snowstorms and was not as efficient as “the city has a right to expect.”

But he also defended his commissioners, including John J. Doherty, who runs the Sanitation Department. The mayor called him “the best sanitation commissioner this city has ever had, period, bar none.”


The mayor also spread some of the blame for the city’s problems on to its citizens, who he said had failed to heed requests that they not call for help unless they faced true emergencies. Those calls, the mayor said, “overwhelmed” the emergency communications system, a failure that he said he had assigned an official to investigate. City residents also compounded the problem by trying to drive in the storm, only to have their cars stuck in the path of plows.

“Maybe because of the Christmas weekend, a lot of people had to get home on Sunday night and got stuck,” he said.

How gracious of His Royal Highness - "I take the blame for this, but it's really your fault for not listening to me."

The Mayor of Accountability just can't hold himself or anybody at the top of his administration accountable, can he?

That's why it is now incumbent upon the city council, the public advocate, the press, the blogosphere and citizens of New York to hold this imperious jerk accountable for not only the Bloomberg Blizzard of 2010 disaster, but for all the other disasters he has brought us - from CityTime to the NYCDOE reorganizations to his "Bloomberg First" education reforms.


  1. Perhaps the Little Mayor Who Couldn't should take tips from the mayor of Buffalo. Daily News, 12/29/10--"With a Cool 95 Inches of Snow a Year, Buffalo Experts Know a Thing or Two About Snow Removal." Buffalo got more than 40 inches of snow on Dec. 1. "Its crews plowed, picked up and disposed of 60,000 tons of snow in 24 hours, officials said."

  2. You whining proles just don't seem to understand.

    Money is both a way of keeping score and a measure of personal worth. You know how much more money Bloomberg has than you? Well, that's just a quantifiable indicator of his superiority.

    Suck on that data, vulgar masses! As The Richest Man in New York City, we can measure to the penny how superior he is to the likes of you!