Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cory Booker Shovels Snow, Bloomberg Gets Sarcastic

I'm not a huge fan of Cory Booker, but I have to say, after laying off 13% of the Newark police force and forcing city employees to bring their own toilet paper to work, he sure knows how to get some good, free press:

You know what would be nice? If we had a Mayor who, instead of telling us to stop our complaining as he frolics down his completely plowed street, picked up a shovel and lent a hand? Maybe we should move to Newark, because that's just what Mayor Cory Booker has been doing. Armed with Twitter, he's been taking requests, and recently announced to Rookie2Veteran "I am here now to help" not an hour after he wrote for help. However, Rookie (T. Bonds) doesn't think that Booker did a great job, and now the war of words is on.

If T. Bonds wanted Booker's help he certainly didn't act like it, writing, "I fuck around & get arrested if cory booker come here wit a fuckin shovel," but said, "#corybooker just called and said he comin thru #pause ...he on avon & stratford now...we will see." Once Booker arrived, Bonds quickly told the rest of the Twitter community that Booker "wasn't doin nuttin but chit chat...they was shovelin shit I shoveled already," and almost seemed jealous when he wrote, "This nigga talkin more than he shovel...da mother thinks he's martin da way she laughin at every joke." He finally stepped up to the mayor himself, writing, "I did everything before u came...I kno u had to see my path."

But Booker called him out on his shoveling work, writing, "Wow u shud b ashamed of yourself. U tweet vulgarities & then I come out here to help & its ur mom & sis digging. Where r u?" As if that weren't enough of a smackdown, Bonds said, "Cory booker really a mayor tho cuz he ratted on me to my moms mom said 'TaJuan I'm embarrassed.'" Seriously Bonds, all Booker was trying to do was garner a little good PR after laying off 13% of the police force! We'll see if the smack talk continues, or if Bonds just got grounded.

A tale of two mayors.

Booker taking shoveling requests on Twitter, Bloomberg getting sarcastic in warm, dry City Hall.

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