Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Duncan Has Nose Broken

No, it didn't come from an irate teacher:

Turns out Arne Duncan's basketball injury last week isn't the only one the education secretary has sustained recently.

Duncan, who played professional basketball in Australia, broke his nose during a game last month.

"I first want to apologize for my broken nose," Duncan said while speaking at a State Educational Technology Directors Association event in November. (Watch the video of his speech here.)

Duncan jokingly told the crowd that he received the injury from an associate who works with the Department of Education: "Karen and I were meeting about two weeks ago. ... I said, Karen, I just don't think technology is very important as we move forward, and it was like bam, and here we are."

A moment later, Duncan told the truth.

"I hurt it playing basketball, and it wasn't the president," he said.

It seemed he didn’t stay off the court for long. Last week, Duncan was again injured during another basketball game, this time on the cheek, according to an aide.

I hope Arne Duncan continues to play basketball the way Graig Nettles hoped the Yankees would keep losing...

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