Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

71% Of NYers Regret Bloomberg's Third Term

Yup - nearly 3 out of every four New Yorkers say they wish Bloomberg had ridden off into the sunset after two terms.

65% say they wouldn't vote for him again under any circumstance.

And yet, "Little Bloomberg" - Christine Quinn - currently leads polls for the 2013 election.

If you remember, Quinn helped engineer Bloomberg's third term by changing the term limits law just for Bloomberg - and herself, of course.

So if you regret Bloomberg's third term, the person to hold accountable for that would be Christine Quinn.

And since Quinn is Bloomberg's horse in the next race, a vote for her is like a vote for a fourth Bloomberg term.

Whoever runs against Quinn in the primaries, especially the person who gets into the runoff with her, needs to run on that.

Did you like Bloomberg's third term?

Thank Christine Quinn for that!

Wish you could vote for Mike Bloomberg for a fourth term?

Vote for Christine Quinn - she's Mike Bloomberg's chosen successor!

That's the race I'd run against Quinn - keep reminding people the strings she pulled to get him a third term, keep reminding people how she's up for sale (highest bid only!) and keep reminding people Bloomberg wants to see her succeed him (even if he won't say so publicly anymore for fear of hurting her chances.)

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  1. How right you are, the arm twisting and deals that were made along with her cash for influence in the council all should be the platform against Quinn. The third term and the undoing of a referendum the undemocratic actions of Bloomberg and Quinn are sickening. One can only hope that the opposition to Quinn offer a viable candidate to defeat BloomQuinn.