Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Plunge Into The Data...Click Deeply

This is the advice we get from the geniuses at the NY Times today, as they have "updated" their data pages for each school in the system.

The article makes it sound as if the data is all trustworthy and if you just do your research, you will know which schools are "good" and which are "failing."

Because you see, nothing is more trustworthy than NYCDOE test scores and graduation rate data.

They're the LIBOR of the public school system - the core numbers and the solid foundation upon which everything else we know about schools, students, and teachers are based.

So plunge deeply into the data, people.

Wade in the truth that is ARIS.

Click deeply and feel the wisdom and power emanating from the numbers.

Just don't actually try to access the data itself.

You'll get a "server error" message.

And don't try to leave a comment on this NY Times schoolbook article.

You'll get a

403 Forbidden


But do plunge into the data, click deeply and know that in the data there is truth and in the cutting edge technology brought to us by the geniuses at the NY Times there is knowledge.

And when the server is back up, you will know the value of NYC schools and teachers.

You will bathe in the light of knowledge, wisdom and power.

Just like when you look up the LIBOR rates.

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