Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bill Gates Turns His Talents To Toilets

You heard that right - Bill Gates is now interested in developing a new solar-powered toilet that will disinfect and decompose toilet waste and turn it into "biochar" -- biological charcoal -- that can then be used as fertilizer to grow food.

Huffington Post reports
that Gates is very passionate about his "Reinvent the Toilet Challenge," so much so that he even tweeted about it a couple of days ago:

4 out of 10 people don’t have a safe way to poop - that’s 2.6 billion!

Given all the bullshit that comes out of the Gates Foundation - like the grants for merit pay they're always handing out (even though merit pay has never, ever worked), or the grants for the galvanic skin response bracelets to measure teacher effectiveness through "student excitement," or the grants for cloud whitening tests to lessen the effects of global warming that have been termed "dangerous" by many scientists including those at the Royal Society, or the grants to promote GMO in sub-Saharan Africa that will force African farmers to have to purchase Monsanto GM seeds, the Gates Foundation people ought to be flushing their own work down these Gates Foundation-funded solar toilets as soon as they get them.

That alone would make the world safer, if not for pooping, then at least for teaching, learning, breathing, eating and living.

Then they can take some of the stupid shit Gates says in interviews and flush that too.

Finally they can take the crap Microsoft makes and send that into the dumper as well.

Really, after we get through flushing all the shit Bill and Melinda Gates and their bullshit-laden employees at both the Gates Foundation and Microsoft do all day long, we're not going to have much of an opportunity to dispose of anybody else's waste.

The Gates people create too much of it on their own.

Frankly nothing would make the world a better, safer, cleaner place than for Gates to create this new solar-powered, high tech toilet and flush himself and his money down it.

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  1. With Gates on toilet patrol, brace yourself for a cholera epidemic.