Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Moscow On The Seine: French Police Arrest Pussy Riot Protesters For Wearing Masks

You can now be arrested in public in France simply for wearing a mask:

Several people protesting peacefully in Marseille against the trial of the Russian punk band Pussy Riot were detained by police for wearing balaclavas, under France's controversial law that bans Muslim niqabs and all face-coverings from public places.

About 30 demonstrators gathered outside the Russian consulate in the southern French city on Friday to protest against the trial of members of the feminist group famous for wearing bright dresses and colourful balaclavas.

But police swooped on about seven wearing multicoloured face-masks in solidarity with the band, reported La Provence. Asked why the police had stopped the demonstrators who had been standing peacefully behind a banner about the power of poetry, a senior officer told the newspaper: "They are wearing balaclavas in a public space. It's illegal." He said the demonstrators would be questioned and a report written.

In April 2011, Nicolas Sarkozy's government introduced a law banning women from wearing the niqab, or full face-veil, in public places. To circumvent accusations that the law singled out Muslims, the bill was officially called the law against covering one's face in public places.

Special exemptions were created for motorcycle helmets or sports equipment such as fencing masks. There are also exemptions for people appearing in parades, celebrations or places of worship.

The Marseille protesters – including poets, a book editor, and a former culture official – who had removed their masks at police request, were put in a riot van and driven to the nearest police station amid cries of "Absurd!" and "Ridiculous!". They were released that afternoon. Under the law, the case can be referred to a local judge who can hand down a €150 fine, a citizenship course or both.

"We came here to defend freedom of expression in Russia and we find ourselves stopped by French police," one pensioner at the rally told the paper.

The irony in all of this is that the law against public mask wearing is really aimed at Muslim head garb, but of course they extended the law to all masks so as to not make it look discriminatory.

Why did Islamic terrorists attack us on 9/11 again?

Oh, yeah, I remember now - they hate us "for our freedoms."


  1. You could always be arrested for wearing a mask. People used to commit crimes during Carnival while wearing masks. That is why in England the mummers wore blackface or strips of paper. In Spain people committed crimes while wearing huge-brimmed sombreros, and thus these were also banned.

    I am not saying that demonstrators wearing masks ought to summarily be arrested, but that is the back-story about mask wearing.

  2. Actually France just changed the law in 2011 under Sarkozy. And of course in the U.S. it's always selectively enforced. Halloween is fine, dozens of Elmos in Times Square are fine - but a couple of masked dudes at Occupy is cause for mass arrests.