Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, August 6, 2012

Microsoft Set To Release Windows 8 - Negative Reviews Abound

Microsoft announced the launch date for Windows 8 last month.

It will come out on October 26.

Given the negative reviews they've had so far over the new system, they may not want to launch at all.

Here are a few:

As bad as Vista.

A "technological, ideological, and functional failure."

A "catastrophe for pc's."

Tell me again, why do we listen to the guy who owns Microsoft on things like education policy and health care when it's clear that, other than being a ruthless, charmless shmuck willing to fuck his cancer-ridden partner out of his stake in the company and/or steal most of his "innovations" from other companies, this guy isn't too successful at anything in his own business?

If he can't get the computer stuff right, what makes anybody think he can get education policy, vaccine research, or food policy right?

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  1. Why should anyone listen to Bill Gates about education policy? Perhaps there is a quid pro quo for campaign funding of billion dollar elections. You can thank SCOTUS for the new dysfunctional corrupt and oligarchic society.